More and more of the fashion designers are these days using business intelligence in creating the next years designs. With business intelligence dashboard they can better spot the trends out there and make some better guess on what which directions the trends are going and known what their customers are going to like even before the customers themself known it.

Business Intelligece use advanced data mining to go through the millions of data collected by various types of fashion databases, news magazines etc. and then by analysing these data the business intelligence reporting or dashboard programs can find out where the trends are going and where it is most likely to be in year or two years and based on these data the various fashion designers can a lot easier make some designs which people are going to love and buy.
This is not something new, it has been done from several years, but the difference is by using advanced BI and Data mining the companies can make far more precise guesses and see much further into the future and make the right designs when using business intelligence in fashion.

But what exactly is business intelligence then?
Business Intelligence or BI for short, is a special type of software which can analyse different types of data and from these data see some patterns, they can help fashion designers form trends based on what people like and what they are going to like, it can help a business find it’s weak or strong areas and making it easier to see where they can improve some things in order to be far more effective. It can help both small and large companies to optimize their work flow and thereby save time and money and many more things. You can actually read a bit more about Business Intelligence here at this website about BI – where you can compare different types of BI software and get a deeper understanding of the principles behind Business Intelligence software.
You may ask yourself, is this something we will see more of in the fashion world or just something that is a hype right now? Well judging from the success of those fashion designers who are currently using BI systems, I expect that this is something we are going to see a lot of more of it and more and more designers will start using one type or another of business intelligence software if they want to stay among the top designers in the work and not fall behind the rest because they are unable to make the designs people want in a reporting software.

As business intelligence reporting programs gets more advanced and more specialized we can expect to see programs in the near future where the designers just type in a date or year and then the program will automatically generate some designs which it things will be the big hit at the exact date, such advanced software are still far way but in maybe 5-8 years this will be possible, making it even easier for the top designers to make a design which people are going to love and buy like never before.