Trip Trap Nisser from Rikki TikkiWhile everybody in Denmark knows the famous Trip Trap Nisser, or the every popular Medusa Julepynt for that matter, not all in the rest of Europa have had a chance to get to know this product yet, but as they are starting to sell them in most other countries, chances are that you will soon get to know them quite well.

Trip Trap Nisser was created by Etly Klarborg from Nordjylland in Denmark and are basically art and home decoration. It’s a series of small christmas figures used for decoration among other things. Each year a new pair of Trip Trap Nisser are released and it have more or less reached cult status in Denmark. They are produced by Rikki Tikki who are more known for their colorful Elephant Parade series. If you are into fashion you most likely know what the Elephant Parade are, small figures of elephants, decorated by local artists, and most of the money from selling these figures goes to help protect the real life elephants, something that I think is a great idea and love to support myself, when it’s possible. That is why I got several of these elephants myself. Find out more about this here at where you can find the entire selection.

Now they have finally started to marketing the Trip Trap Nisser in the rest of Europe too, it’s a series that goes all the way back to 2000 where the first of the figures was put in production and since then, there have been several hundreds of these figures, almost all of them in the traditional red paint.

They are pretty different from most other types of christmas decorations, some people just adore and love these little creatures, but there are almost as many who think they got nothing to do with christmas, or fashion for that matter. Here’s a few examples of some of the more popular models of the Trip Trap Nisser. As a type of addon for this series, there are also the Rikki Tikki trolls, made in the same style as the Nisser, but in different colors and a more grotesque facial expression. I love these little trolls too, but for me they don’t really got anything to do with chrismas, but still really cute through, I am just having a hard time to find out how to use them properly. The other day I saw a whole pavillon filled with them in various setups, looked great but not something I would buy though.

A small example of trip trap nisser from - the is one of the more plain standard versions of the nisse and almost as popular as Medusa Julepynt Tilbud

trip trap nisser tilbud - a full collection of christmas figures from trip trap in Denmark - this is the træsko nisse from 2012 which was very popular when released and aviable in 3 different sizes and prices

This is the sleeping nisse from Rikki Tikki - a cute model of a nisse sleeping during all the christmas stress

What do you think? Are these cute Trip Trap Nisser fashion, art or just plain ugly? I for one actually like them quite a lot of and really looking forward to see what they come up with this year. I don’t personally like all of the models, but most of them I find quite adorable and trendy. Something which I think fit nicely into a modern home and could spread a little more Christmas spirit. If you also like these small critters, you can find the entire collection on their own website among several other series of products from Rikki Tikki Shop, such as Medusa Julepynt, Susanne Schjerning Sengetøj and of course the small trip trap nisse which we all love here in Denmark.

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