Woman with scarf


The scarf is a main accessory in our autumn outfits as it completes the clothes we have chosen and gives us a finished look. It also looks stylish and can be worn in many different ways, according to our personal preferences and style. It is practical and in the same time elegant and it also makes us feel like fashion icons. No matter if you are a woman or man; the scarf is always an important accessory of every outfit.

To be sure that you choose the right scarf for your outfit make sure you follow some of the advices below.


Don’t forget that when choosing a scarf, the textile that it is made from is essential and really important. It should be soft and warm, without irritating our skin. Furthermore the scarf is usually touching our face very often and it is just centimeters away from it. That’s why the material should be carefully picked as this area is very sensitive and wouldn’t like getting unnecessary acne or other rash.  Our advice is to choose a natural textile. Remember that cashmere, linen and silk are your best friends.


We all know the phrase – “The bigger, the better”. The hundreds alternatives available in the stores give us a big choice of sizes of the scarfs. It is always fashionable the last few years, to wear a bigger and wider scarf, but for people with smaller body it is recommended to be careful with the big scarfs and choose a medium sized one, so it doesn’t shorten their silhouette.

Blonde woman with scarf



It is always a good idea to choose the basic colors that will fit the rest of your outfit. But for those who like to experiment you can always try the latest colors and types according to the trends. Sometimes when dressed in plain colors, a scarf in a totally contrasting one will make you stand out and will complete your outfit.


Choosing a scarf sometimes can be hard due to the huge choice we have been given in the stores. But we will advise you to go with your inner gut and of course your eyes for style and fashion design, so you end up choosing the right one for you and your vision. But it is also the outfit you wear sometimes that has to match the scarf. One of our favorite looks is a leather jacket for man combined with medium sized scarf. You can find some great jakke til herre at Better World Fashion that can match with your scarf and give you the finished, refined look you are searching for.