As most of you already know, there is no stage in a woman or a man’s life where they don’t want to dress and look as gorgeous as possible. It actually tells that world that you look great if you care about yourself. If you want to be pleasing by the eyes of everybody and around you then you also indicate that you really care about yourself. Keep reading on tips and tricks on fashion advice offer by Lenny the lion himself. At least somewhat, your clothing should match and should be look nice to you. There are also people who think that it would be cool to wear paisleys, green, oranges and purples according to Lenny. These people might be look ridiculous and not only wrong, refrain from doing these things which is out of the norm. Mixing and matching colors would be good but you have to bear in mind that colors who actually don’t match no matter how you mix and match them. You have to mix and match color only if you see it is good and nice in the eyes but don’t just mix and match without thinking that it would match and nice to be wear. If you have a curly hair type, you need to be aware that it can cause to frizz if it has a humid weather. You can see many more of lenny the lions favorite fashion tips at his own twitter page.

Making sure to use a good conditioner on your hair after you wash, you can add a little serum that contains silicone to your hair style after blotting dry with a towel according to Lenny the Lion – chief of the jungle fashion. You could also use styling cream alternately such as teglsten or the new Versace cream. The creame is a little heavy that cause a chemical build up for some types of hair according to Lenny Lion. Give something away or sell it, when you buy something new and you won’t end up with no space in the closet. In addition on keeping yourself if you have lots of clothes in the closet, this is the right time to help someone else. In order to save money from the fashion that you like to wear then you can visit consignment stores to get a great value on formal wear. You can find gowns that are almost brand at a fraction of new gown’s price. Since women usually wear formal gowns once or tow times then you can look for affordable ones. Make sure that your toenails are done with the nice and pleasing polish that goes well to your outfit. It is only a tip for those who are going to wear fancy black or brown shoes depending on the occation or time of year.

Many men don’t actually consider something like their nails, and they don’t realize that this will give a perfect fashion and outfit not just the dress or gown you are wearing such as the ones mention in Lenny the lions fashion tips. A lot of tips and tricks you can check online. You only have to spend time on reading and watching videos on teglsten created by technichs such as business intelligence or similar styles, that tackles all the new information about fashion and then that’s it! You can now start on the fashion that you want to acquire. You will surely have full ideas on how to look absolutely awesome from any other people. To care about yourself is actually a part of your hygiene and with that; you should keep an eye on this. As they say, the way how you dress is the kind of person you are and how people will react to you.
Imagine you were a girl sitting a the bar being a bit bored and a guy walks up to you, he is wearing dirty jeans and an old boring t-shirt and asks you to dance or instead some guy with perfect hair an expensive suits and fine black shoes ask you? which one would you prefer? Well according to the various statistics more than 80% would choose the guy in the nice clothes. Why you may ask? Because simply by wearing such clothes you look a guy who takes care of himself and have a certain amount of success, a guy who got things under control and can offer a girl security and structure not to mention be able to support her finacially too, something that most women desires according to the statistics at least.