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Different people have different opinion on things, they normally comprehend fashion and style according to their personality and how they see the world. But there are still some standards that most people keep, just like outfits in the office.

Whether we like it or not, dressing for the office requires a specific style in most countries. Usually this is an easy job for the men – they can pick a shirt and a costume, where for women the task looks a bit more complicated. This is coming from the wider choice of clothes, the fashion industry provides women with – skirt or trousers, high heels or flat shoes, low neck shirt/ blouse or not. All those questions can be a real challenge for women when picking their clothes for the office. It is all because the established norms in the society. Too short skirt can look inappropriate; where too long can may be make us look old-fashioned. And many other considerations we take every day before we leave for work. Sometimes it is really not that easy being a woman.

Why are clothes so important?

Some researchers and psychologists of labour has come to the conclusion that the most important in the office is how much and how you do your job, but right after it, on second place, comes the outfit. Of course clothes are not building the career, but with the right look you can express a statement like “I am a fighter and I belong in the top positions of that job”, and this can actually help you getting a promotion. It is is not about what exactly you wear, but what kind of clothes that fit you as a person have you chosen. And of course clothes can say a lot, show others that you believe in yourself and you are serious about your future development. It doesn’t have to be over formal, but of course we can’t wear a shirt saying “I don’t care” in the office. In most places it will automatically send a signal that you are not aiming to develop. Not necessarily every company will take it like that or every boss, because there are cultures where offices don’t have a specific formal dress code.

In the next lines we would state some ideas of how you can dress in the office as of course that really depends on the area you are working at, the country you live in and the specific company and its values. But there are some of the biggest areas and their “rules” of dressing in the office.

Media and advertisement

Business woman in dress

This is one of the most fashionable branches where the atmosphere in the office is usually very tolerant and free. It is allowed to wear whatever fits your taste – jeans, skirts, dresses, high heels, but even though you have to take some situations in consideration. For example, if you are applying for the job you can wear something more simple, clean and elegant. If you are working in the office allowing yourself more fashionable clothes is completely fine, but don’t pick too screaming outfits as you can lose your professional look.

Recycle and fashion
Being able to recycle products and use them in fashion is something that is becomming really trendy. Companies such as Better World fashion who produces “læderjakker” their brand of fashion leatherjackets for men and women, er just one of those new companies who have dedicated their work to make some products we can wear with a clean conscience. Read more about their product here at

Banks and insurance companies

Business woman in a suitBusiness woman in a bank

Here you better choose the established formal business suits – a costume with a skirt or trousers, a jacket, shirt or simple blouse. May be it is not a good idea to choose jeans and too low neck shirts. Your look has to be very professional and clean, also with the accessories. Flat shoes are the best choice in that situation as it is comfortable and simple but if you feel okay with not too high heels, it can always bring elegance to your look.

International corporations

Corporate business woman - læderjakker til mænd og kvinder i genbrug

In this branch, the preferred clothes are costumes with trousers or mid long skirt until the knees. You can also choose more elegant trousers and shirt, but no short miniskirts in screaming colors, jeans or leggings.  Your look should be as simple and conservative as possible. A little amount of accessories or the full lack of them, mid heel shoes and socks or tights is a must, even in the summer.


As the days in the office are usually exhausting and stressful it is really important for you to feel comfortable in your clothes. Choose something you know you like wearing as if these are your first days in a new office; this will help you feel more confident in your skin. You can reach the perfect business look for your area if you choose clothes appropriate for it and you know they make you look good.

Urban art has become one of the most popular styles of art at present. It is an art style on cities and the city life usually created by any artists whose passion for the city life is rather strong. Urban art is also the combination of graffiti and street art. It is used in summarizing all forms of visual arts occurring in urban areas. This art style is also inspired by the urban lifestyle and architecture. There are also urban artists who decide to show their art in public spaces. Philip from Tyroler kostumer is one of the guys who care about art, fashion and his hair. Using his own hair to display various urband trends has become a lifetyle for him. But those who use the city for their art are often viewed by others, as destruction of personal property or vandalism even if the creators never perceive themselves as vandals.

And believe it or not, people can create urban art through their hair. Urban hairstyles are interesting because of their ability to combine both edginess and modernism. These styles of hair often attract women who love to freely experiment on their tresses. The good thing about deciding to use urban art in styling your hair is that you have a lot of options. It would be easier for you to style your hair in a way that you develop a more unique and distinct personal style through your many urban hairstyle options. What makes these styles amazing is the fact that they provide a newer and fresher perspective of what you are. You can use urban art in your hair to show your inner self-confidence and individuality. Urban hairstyles are perfect for anyone who is not afraid to show their own personal style.

Even if you have short tresses, it is still possible for you to use urban art in making your tresses look good. You can design it in a way that improves your seductive look while also redefining your unique characteristic. With the help of urban art, short hairstyles no longer mean low maintenance styles and lesser possibilities for styling. You can always choose to cut your tresses in a way that suit your lifestyle and personality. You may also use styling products from professional manufacturers to emphasize the edginess of your short tresses.
You can also shave some parts of your hair if you think that this looks good on you as this is guaranteed to work in your attempt to bring out your unique style. Hair removal or shaving has actually become one of those methods used by people who have decided to apply urban art in styling their hair. They use products that can make the task of shaving off their hair easier and these include Tria Laser. You can go online and read legitimate Tria Laser hair removal reviews if you want to determine if this hair removal product is right for you.
If you have medium to long tresses, then expect your urban hair styling possibilities to increase even more. You may choose the asymmetry hairstyle because of its ability to develop a unique and original style by just contrasting various hair lengths and various hair textures. You are also given the chance to create a trendy haircut by using innovative hair highlighting techniques.

The layered hairstyle is perfect for you if you realize that the asymmetric style is not actually suitable for your modern perspective. What makes layers amazing is the fact that these are highly versatile. Considering the many options that are available for you, it is safe to assume that urban hair styling ideas are unlimited so it will never be impossible for you to change your image from time to time.

udklædning og kostumerIt’s not just the adults that have to look stunning in their fashion clothes. It is also kids and even babies. This is why are going to put a little more focus on cool and funky baby clothes in this article here.
Babies would celebrate good times. It is the generation of the baby boom today. Babies today are also competing teens when it comes on their style statement. The baby clothes today come to cool and funky style, just like kostumer. Therefore, they are also on the go and can compete to teens even they are still babies. These little ones have many more choice to go for in comparison to what we used to when we were still on their age. Way back from the past, parents have only limited options when it comes on baby clothing. They would buy whatever was available in the market. But, now times changed a lot and this is for the better. Being a parent, you can have more options to keep in mind when it comes of how we can dress up our babies in kostumer. Funky and cool baby clothes are one of the best options in this context. 10 to 15 years ago, most baby clothes in the olden days would look one and the same, just like with a tyroler kostume. Wearing shades of blue for little boys and shades of pink for the little girls are usual from the olden times. Even the jeans, dresses, t-shirts and shirts that babies would wear were more or less identical.

But modern parents who have evolved through several phases of trendy and style clothing are now making sure that their little ones wear clothes that evoke a smart and cool personality. Funky baby clothes would make a lot big difference. People these days like to show off their wealth, their friends and their clothes if they are invaluable to them. Babies are naturally being the proudest things to young parents shown off to guests and friends. Parents ensure that when they take their young baby to a party, she or he looks the best of all babies. There is no problem with doing that as long as you are not putting down other parents. Make sure that you dress your babies in funky clothes if you are keen about making your baby look cooler. You would love to look your little ones cuter than you expected. This can be possible through letting them wear funky and cool baby clothes. Modern baby clothes are head-turners with various themed styles like rock, punk, bohemian, designer and etc.

Baby clothes have attractive phrases, logos and slogans which are eye-catching. Cool and funky baby clothes would make your little ones head-turners. They would make you feel like you are a professional fashion designer. Surely funky and cool clothes make the little ones stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. You can buy these types of baby clothes in any department stores in kid’s section. Another thing, you can also buy cute baby clothes online. You will find a lot of options for baby clothes and you will become excited and can’t wait to see your little one wearing it. You would love to see your kids cuter and this can be possible through cool and funky baby clothes.

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karnevalsshoppen.dkWhen it comes on the latest fashion, fashion-minded people get alarmed. They always want to know the latest trend of fashion. In the world of fashion, a lot of popular celebrities are keeping an eye on the new fashion in the year. Fashion in 2014 has become word-of-the-mouth by fashion-minded people. They are always attentive on the new fashion just to be never left behind from others. Online news about fashion is always updated just to inform people who loved fashion that there are always new when it comes on fashion. There are various categories of fashion: clothing, accessories, lifestyle and more. Karnevalsshoppen managed to do this with their kostumer for sidste skoledag. This fashion project ended up being a huge success for many of the guests.

Clothing is the most common category when talking about fashion. People use to be careful and attentive when it comes on clothing. They are aware that they can wear nice dresses according to the latest style. Companies such as Kostumer og Udklædning are always trying to sell you their latest products. But there are those who have their own fashion and refuse to buy what everbody else are wearing. Companies like Kostumer og Udklædning don’t really care fo these people. These tyoes of people don’t matter on the latest style of dress as long as they are comfortable on wearing it. They don’t matter if they look attractive, but the comfort matters most. However, there are those fashion-minded people who depend on the latest fashion of the year. They look for the latest fashion clothing. They browse online and look for those dresses just to be in fashion. People are actually described the way they dress up. Clothing would always describe a person who he or she is.

When it comes on accessories, there are latest fashion trends. Necklaces, bracelets, watches, belts and more are one of the accessories that would complete the whole fashion style of a person. Of course, after you wear your best fashion dress, you would always look for an accessory that would make you look more beautiful. Way back from past years, belts become popular. Even people wear dresses, they also wear belts. But some people use belts only when they wear pants. But the latest trends, people use belts to add more beauty on their dress. There are belts today that have designs and styles with different colors. So, you would see many styles of belts or briketter that would fit on the dress you wear. Necklaces also add beauty to a person wearing it. But you must make sure that the kind of necklace you are wearing fits on the dress you wear. It would destruct your fashion dress if you wear necklace that don’t fit your dress. Watches are other accessories that would add beauty to you and your fashion style. Most people wear watches just to make their entire outfit great. Many celebrities use to wear branded watches just to make them look more elegant and gorgeous.

Lifestyle would always affect fashion. The ways people live always affect their fashion statement. You would know what kind of person he or she is the way they dress. But you cannot judge the status of life on a person the way they dress. You would see people dress elegantly even they are not rich. There are also people who dress up simple but rich. Fashion would always connect to the life of a person.

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Trip Trap Nisser from Rikki TikkiWhile everybody in Denmark knows the famous Trip Trap Nisser, or the every popular Medusa Julepynt for that matter, not all in the rest of Europa have had a chance to get to know this product yet, but as they are starting to sell them in most other countries, chances are that you will soon get to know them quite well.

Trip Trap Nisser was created by Etly Klarborg from Nordjylland in Denmark and are basically art and home decoration. It’s a series of small christmas figures used for decoration among other things. Each year a new pair of Trip Trap Nisser are released and it have more or less reached cult status in Denmark. They are produced by Rikki Tikki who are more known for their colorful Elephant Parade series. If you are into fashion you most likely know what the Elephant Parade are, small figures of elephants, decorated by local artists, and most of the money from selling these figures goes to help protect the real life elephants, something that I think is a great idea and love to support myself, when it’s possible. That is why I got several of these elephants myself. Find out more about this here at where you can find the entire selection.

Now they have finally started to marketing the Trip Trap Nisser in the rest of Europe too, it’s a series that goes all the way back to 2000 where the first of the figures was put in production and since then, there have been several hundreds of these figures, almost all of them in the traditional red paint.

They are pretty different from most other types of christmas decorations, some people just adore and love these little creatures, but there are almost as many who think they got nothing to do with christmas, or fashion for that matter. Here’s a few examples of some of the more popular models of the Trip Trap Nisser. As a type of addon for this series, there are also the Rikki Tikki trolls, made in the same style as the Nisser, but in different colors and a more grotesque facial expression. I love these little trolls too, but for me they don’t really got anything to do with chrismas, but still really cute through, I am just having a hard time to find out how to use them properly. The other day I saw a whole pavillon filled with them in various setups, looked great but not something I would buy though.

A small example of trip trap nisser from - the is one of the more plain standard versions of the nisse and almost as popular as Medusa Julepynt Tilbud

trip trap nisser tilbud - a full collection of christmas figures from trip trap in Denmark - this is the træsko nisse from 2012 which was very popular when released and aviable in 3 different sizes and prices

This is the sleeping nisse from Rikki Tikki - a cute model of a nisse sleeping during all the christmas stress

What do you think? Are these cute Trip Trap Nisser fashion, art or just plain ugly? I for one actually like them quite a lot of and really looking forward to see what they come up with this year. I don’t personally like all of the models, but most of them I find quite adorable and trendy. Something which I think fit nicely into a modern home and could spread a little more Christmas spirit. If you also like these small critters, you can find the entire collection on their own website among several other series of products from Rikki Tikki Shop, such as Medusa Julepynt, Susanne Schjerning Sengetøj and of course the small trip trap nisse which we all love here in Denmark.

Rikki Tikki Shop

herre ure til mænd og kvinder hos danadata.dkNo one knows about fashion of course. All of us know about fashion but the only problem is that they think about the money. They usually think that it is so much expensive. It is truly a mistake thinking that fashion is not affordable and expensive. People usually dream of becoming fashionable but the only problem is they would stock up on the thinking “I can’t afford that” and “how much this cost?”. It is actually a fact that fashion can be expensive but you can still have the fashion trend you want as long as you are wise on your budget otherwise consider a cheaper modul from companies such as danadata or other places where they sell herre ure and dame ure for a good price. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be fashionable if you don’t have the money in your wallet. Of course you can spend your money if you want that fashion but it depends on how you spend it. If you have the effort to spend time on looking for inexpensive and affordable yet nice and good products for fashion, then you are on the go. The watches and fashion would always be together. You can have that watches of your even if you don’t consider it as a fashion. You can also have the fashion without the watches. But how about both are all together? Then you would usually suddenly come to think of men. For some reason when you think of a watch you think of people like Brad Pitt or George Clooney and you remember seeing them in some fancy exclusive watch commercial. Also 90% of the magazine advertising on watches that you read in fashion magazines features men and are aimed at that market. But that doesn’t mean that watches isn’t something women could also benefit from and use to improve their own style.

Perl and php watchesYes, men usually have watches and fashion and actually care more about this than most women do. They usually express their fashion through watches. You would become fashionable if you chose to pick stuff for fashion. But it doesn’t mean that you are fashionable if you are wearing those expensive dresses, pants, watches, and other accessories such as perl or necklaces. You can still express your being fashionable through the way how you uniquely express your way of fashion. Watches and fashion are both nice and good for men and women. Way back from the past, watches are usually worn by the people just for time purposes. But today, they consider watches for both fashion and checking time. Watches are truly nice especially when worn by men. They usually wear watches on their way of fashion statement. There are men collect watches with different colors for their fashion. They use the colored watches matching on the dress they wear. There are different brands of watches to choose from. Those watches are for time purposes, fashion purposes and whatever purpose it might be, depending on the features of the watch.

Watches and fashion are both connected on how you express yourself. The fact about watches today is not just for time purposes but also for fashion. Lots of watches brands are actually on the market. So, in time that you find out that there are offered less and discounted brands of nice and fashionable watches, you can buy one of them. Of course, you would choose which one you pick. It is important that you check on the performance and quality of the watch before you look on the price. It is significant that you should not stock on the price because you think it is expensive. You can still buy affordable but nice ones depending on how you spend effort on looking a brand of watch.


fashion 2014How are you going to keep up all of fashion trends since those are constantly changing? The right answer would be you are not! Fashion is your individual and won unique tastes that you have to find for yourself. You can continue reading to find some useful tips with regards on developing your own personal fashion in 2014. You can also purchase various jewelry pieces. Once you have good number of styles and colors, you can always have something that would match your outfit. You don’t have to worry on buying jewelry in order to match every outfit you have. You can have more than one option if you come to think variety outfits. With regards on how you dress, you can check it out through talking to your coworkers and even friends. They can help you on figuring out what you need to do that works like what you are going to change on your outfit and the way how you dress up according to Jill from fastelavnskostumer til voksne. They can be ones whom you can get advices because they see you every day and can surely give an idea on how you deal with the fashion in 2014. Don’t forgot to read our latest article on kostumer.

Keep your hairstyle looks nice and have its maintenance. When preparing into meetings, everyone runs into time and also outings or events. You can have an easy fix hairstyle cuts when needed to get ready. There are many available fashionable hairstyles that will allow you to make look nicer and to bounce quickly and maintain a good look. Keep in mind that you don’t have to contain all products in the market on your makeup bags, just like the oens we produce says Jill from Fastelavnskostumer til voksne. You can try to keep selected group of products that appeal to the season. Think about what only you need for the whole day. It can go bad once you open makeup. Also, if the germs got into the product, it can increase during extended periods when not being used. You can keep pairs of classic shoes in various traditional colors on hand. Have fun with the changing styles that shoes come in is recommended. But it is also nice to have pairs of shoes that can match with any pantsuit or dress you have. Keep classic accessories in your wardrobe and do not avoid altering trends, when it comes to smykker, kostumer and udklædning. You can find out more about the most popular accessories and jewelry pieces at Selecting the right jewelry

When it comes to fashion in 2014, do not count on Hollywood to have an idea. You can have your own idea and style of fashion. There are many mistakes due to competitive fashion that made to attempt in attracting attention. You can try to see the people around you and check their looks. According to some, once you see people have the same style they wear, that is the fashion trend this year. With the competitive fashion, you can have lots of ideas on fashion in 2014. There are most flattering clothes that fit you properly. Clothes that are too tight will put the spotlight onto your body’s clothes and flaws that are too much loose can add the look of extra pounds. Clothes with the right size will help you look nice no matter what the color, style and material.

fashion-stuffWith the number of clothes existing today, there are several kinds of fashion combinations that can be done or made thanks. It can also be difficult to decide that is why this can creates a problem, just like what we should be worn for a special occasion or event. Of course, we want to be look gorgeous and beautiful like the other guests. Fortunately, there are tips for fashion that will give you more idea on how you can dress in any special event. Try on getting shirt or skirt, if you like to wear it then get more than one color. Clothes come into various kinds, styles, cuts and colors, so you would find difficult on finding clothes that will fit well into your type of body. Fashion doesn’t require the type and style you wear but on how you mix and match clothes with unique style from the others. We have seen a lot of people who are very serious when it comes on their fashion styles. It is not wrong if we want to acquire fashion, the only important thing that we must bear in our minds is to make sure that we are doing it as our passion and interest and not just to impress other people.

Fashion will always be in the industry. Since we are wearing our dress, we are free to think a lot of styles we will wear as long you look gorgeous and unique with your style. Avoid wearing dresses and clothes that are too much on you. You will look not gorgeous anymore if you wear too much. A lot of fashions trends can be acquire. If you try to check online, you can find a lot of tips and hints on how to be a good fashion lover. Being a fashion lover is actually being popular since from the past. If you try to look some magazines, you might find out that a lot of people who love fashion and they actually make it as their career. Getting a fashion statement tips, you can get it online and other resources you can get. However, keep in mind that fashion limits nothing, whatever kind of fashion style you want, you are free to it but make sure that you look nice with your fashion.
Being a fashion lover will make you look more unique on the way of dressing by other people. Yes, you are very different from and you have to think about on the fashion style you want. Of course, you can have a passion on your own. You can also get a fashion style that is the same with the celebrity you like. If you are fun of Paris Hilton, then go for you. As long as you are doing good or doing any wrong then go for it. We can live freely with our own fashion style and some considered it as their interest. Some also consider it as their career. No matter what purpose or reason why you like fashion then it’s your choice.

bayvantic vet fashionIf you are one of those people who are always trying to improve your wardrobe for quite some time, but you have not had the time to know then today is the right day that you are waiting for. You can read ahead on this article to learn more and you can improve the way you look that is on your budget in clothes such as bayvantic. If it means that it is achieving the perfect fit then don’t be afraid to go up a size. It can be upsetting when you are trying your usual size but you will find out that it doesn’t fit. Sizes actually differ from brand to brand and designer to designer so don’t fret. It is still perfectly okay if you still use a size from your usual size. Fashion truly affects every individual lives especially those people who are obsessed or have their own fashion statement. For actual occasions, you can use flip-flops as these are comfortable type of footwear like the new stuff from bayvantic vet, but don’t wear them for any formal situations or to work. You also look for classy but comfy shoes. No matter what kind of shoes you are choosing to wear, make sure that you are comfortable with it. It can get your poise if you are wearing nice shoes with heels but you don’t know how to use it in walking.

You can have various choices of shoes to use. Whatever kind of shoes you are wearing, it I important that you are comfortable while using it. If you choose those shoes that don’t give you comfort while using it, then it surely destructs your look. High heels from bayvantic should be reserved for some formal occasions most especially if you can’t walk or stand well. Always remember that the people will look at you because of the dress and attire you are wearing, so they can recognize you if you can’t walk rightly because of the shoes you are using. You look and way of dressing actually describes on what kind of person you are. If you use dress like a guy and you are a girl, of course everybody seeing you would know that you are a lesbian. If you are a guy what you are wearing in a way like girls, they would know what truly you are. This is how it have been for many years and most likely how it will continue to be many years into the future too.

It is important that we know how we dress. Our dress is very important according to philip from bayvantic. It is a thing that we use in order to cover our nude body and if you are wearing very simple, it doesn’t mean that you already ugly. It is a wrong perception that you are ugly because you don’t dress well like those classy or luxurious dresses. Of course, there is a reason why people don’t wear those classy dresses either they don’t have the budget or they don’t like to wear it. Fashion will always be fashion, it shows on the way you dress and the way you handle how you wear. Fashion turns to be trending today since almost all the people want to wear like the way their favorite celebrity dress. Always remember that fashion makes you more creative.


As most of you already know, there is no stage in a woman or a man’s life where they don’t want to dress and look as gorgeous as possible. It actually tells that world that you look great if you care about yourself. If you want to be pleasing by the eyes of everybody and around you then you also indicate that you really care about yourself. Keep reading on tips and tricks on fashion advice offer by Lenny the lion himself. At least somewhat, your clothing should match and should be look nice to you. There are also people who think that it would be cool to wear paisleys, green, oranges and purples according to Lenny. These people might be look ridiculous and not only wrong, refrain from doing these things which is out of the norm. Mixing and matching colors would be good but you have to bear in mind that colors who actually don’t match no matter how you mix and match them. You have to mix and match color only if you see it is good and nice in the eyes but don’t just mix and match without thinking that it would match and nice to be wear. If you have a curly hair type, you need to be aware that it can cause to frizz if it has a humid weather. You can see many more of lenny the lions favorite fashion tips at his own twitter page.

Making sure to use a good conditioner on your hair after you wash, you can add a little serum that contains silicone to your hair style after blotting dry with a towel according to Lenny the Lion – chief of the jungle fashion. You could also use styling cream alternately such as teglsten or the new Versace cream. The creame is a little heavy that cause a chemical build up for some types of hair according to Lenny Lion. Give something away or sell it, when you buy something new and you won’t end up with no space in the closet. In addition on keeping yourself if you have lots of clothes in the closet, this is the right time to help someone else. In order to save money from the fashion that you like to wear then you can visit consignment stores to get a great value on formal wear. You can find gowns that are almost brand at a fraction of new gown’s price. Since women usually wear formal gowns once or tow times then you can look for affordable ones. Make sure that your toenails are done with the nice and pleasing polish that goes well to your outfit. It is only a tip for those who are going to wear fancy black or brown shoes depending on the occation or time of year.

Many men don’t actually consider something like their nails, and they don’t realize that this will give a perfect fashion and outfit not just the dress or gown you are wearing such as the ones mention in Lenny the lions fashion tips. A lot of tips and tricks you can check online. You only have to spend time on reading and watching videos on teglsten created by technichs such as business intelligence or similar styles, that tackles all the new information about fashion and then that’s it! You can now start on the fashion that you want to acquire. You will surely have full ideas on how to look absolutely awesome from any other people. To care about yourself is actually a part of your hygiene and with that; you should keep an eye on this. As they say, the way how you dress is the kind of person you are and how people will react to you.
Imagine you were a girl sitting a the bar being a bit bored and a guy walks up to you, he is wearing dirty jeans and an old boring t-shirt and asks you to dance or instead some guy with perfect hair an expensive suits and fine black shoes ask you? which one would you prefer? Well according to the various statistics more than 80% would choose the guy in the nice clothes. Why you may ask? Because simply by wearing such clothes you look a guy who takes care of himself and have a certain amount of success, a guy who got things under control and can offer a girl security and structure not to mention be able to support her finacially too, something that most women desires according to the statistics at least.


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