Fashion what is it? Fashion, of course, is what we see in fashion magazines and designer shop windows, but it does not end in there. Don’t be misled. Fashion is also part of your life and not only to do with shopping and expensive boutiques. There are different aspects to it. First of all, not everything that is in fashion suits everyone and what suits one person might not suit another. Similarly, what looks beautiful in one situation might not look it in another. Furthermore, fashion is not only clothes; it’s is also style and personality and for some it defines who they are as a person.

This is where the phenomenon of mimicry comes in. Blind mimicry is distortion of fashion. There is always en extent to which one can and should follow the trends. At a certain point, your personality gives way. Do not miss out on that. This what really makes you look special and unique. It is especially painful to see fuller women squeeze into clothes that they bulge out of in order to look thinner. It is also uncomfortable to look at middle aged women trying to emulate fifteen year old anorexic models. No matter how thin your waist is, you will never be able to mask wrinkles and slight bodily deformities caused by age. What is left to do? Be yourself and set the fashion you wish others to know you by!

In all cases, it is important to wear clothes that would not make you look “too young” or “too sexy” and which would make you feel relaxed, unrestrained and confident. How do you look for such clothes? First you have to deal with yourself. Ask yourself who you are, what your character is like. What is the use of fashion? Fashion is the style of human behaviour, popular during usually short period of time. If during a certain period, people begin to put on bellbottom trousers, wear spectacles with large, disc like glasses, or keep the hat tilted a little, they are doing so because it is the current craze. Fashions originate in man’s age old wish to look distinct and attractive. Naturally, they are more popular with women than the men who don’t seem to care at all about their looks and clothes. It is said that the chameleon does not change its colour as quickly as a woman wears out a new fashion, but men too, can’t plead innocence when it comes to this, especially these days where many men cares even more about fashion than their girlfriends.

Let us look at the popularity of fashion from another point of view. They are popular with the youth, because in young people the urge of showing themselves off is the strongest. Children are too small to be aware of it, while the aged are too old to pay any serious thought to it. The young, on the other hand, find life enjoyable and want to enjoy it more by adding to its colourfulness. They adopt all sorts of devices to look attractive. Latest fashions are popular in big cities rather than small towns and villages. The reason is that most fashions are luxury. People of simple and poor backgrounds can’t afford to indulge in such luxuries. On the other hand, the rich, clever and advanced citypeople can afford to follow fashion which have a glamour of their own. Fashion can pertain to any aspect of human behaviour. But the most popular fashions are those in dress. Men’s trousers and shirts change in size and shape every six months. Women’s clothes change in design in every season or so. Fashions reflect the character of a nation. seen. Similarly fashions prevailing amongst various races or tribes gives a clear idea of their respective way of living. Fashion creates a colourful variety in the daily life and adds to the cultural wealth of a country too in it’s own way. It’s here to stay and all we can do is try to keep up with it.